Automated, chemical – free cleaning and disinfection of the cooling coil surfaces

Improves the operational efficiency of building cooling systems, resulting in energy savings and optimised HVAC performance.

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Performance – Air Quality – Energy Savings

Energy and Coil Controls

Optimises HVAC performance by restoring energy efficiency of cooling coils by removing insulating biofilm from cooling coil surfaces.

COILCARE can increase the efficiency of heat transfer from air to water by up to 76%, COILCARE significantly improves IAQ and the operational efficiency of the building cooling system resulting in energy savings, improved cooling capacity, and reduced wear and tear on pumps and chillers.

By Numbers – The Cost of Dirty Coils

60% – HVAC systems can account for up to 60% of a building’s total energy costs (Source: ASHRAE)

25% – Dirty HVAC coils waste up to 25% additional energy – (Source: ASHRAE)

75% – Percentage of indoor air quality problems related to HVAC (absenteeism, lost productivity) (Source: National Energy Management Institute)

60% – 6 out of 10 indoor spaces are hazardous to their occupants’ health due to air pollution (Source: Underwriters Laboratories)

An example of dirty AC Coils being cleaned by BSG Coilcare

Key Features

The system disinfects and destroys the sources of odour, including:

  • Bacteria & Viruses
  • Mould & Fumes
  • Other impurities in the air and on surfaces.

There are other benefits:

  • Energy savings – dirty coils use up to 30% more energy
  • System performance – restore heat transfer and airflow across the coil
  • Improve indoor air quality – remove airborne pathogens at the source
  • Daisy chain capability powers up to 5 units from a single electrical source
  • Sealed and protected against moisture

BSG COILCARE is easy to install – designed for rapid installation with “clip and slide” rail attachments, press-fit lamp clips, and quick connect cabling.  Made in the USA

Understanding COILCARE

How does BSG COILCARE work

COILCARE irradiates the surfaces of HVAC evaporator coils with specific frequencies of ultraviolet light, a natural germicide.

The UV light inactivates microorganisms and breaks down organic residue, preventing growth and keeping coils clean. In doing so, COILCARE can restore coil performance and extend the life of the coil. Clean coils operate at the peak performance level to which they were designed.

Keeping coils clean of biofilm and other contaminants ensures indoor air quality and significant savings in maintenance and energy costs.

A Powerful Technology Ingredient

Installing COILCARE

What you get with COILCARE

Simple to install and even easier to maintain.

Designed to be mounted downstream or upstream of cooling coils and air filters, COILCARE is a stationary installation, providing high operational stability.

Everything you need to get up an running is provided.

Includes UV lamp and a photon concentrator, a polished aluminum reflector to direct all available UV light on the cooling surface. The power supply is water-resistant, built to operate in a commercial-grade HVAC enclosure.

Safe for residential and commercial properties.

All systems can be designed with multiple commercial-grade or residential-grade human factor safety features, including an interlock switch which prevents the system from operating while the access door is open.

Customisable to any HVAC system.

The quantity and positioning of the UV lamp modules are specific to every installation, and is determined by the dimensions of the coils and other HVAC system design specifications.

Where to use BSG COILCARE

Get the most out of COILCARE

To get the best out of BSG’s COILCARE it’s important to ensure the environment is suitable. Here are a few to which COILCARE will make the biggest difference.

Office Buildings

Shopping Centres






The COILCARE Product Family


The CoilCare CCX, our most popular product, is designed to be mounted internally in commercial-grade air handling units.

The lamps measure 18 to 64 inches, making CoilCare CCX ideal for applications of any size.


The COILCARE OEM kit is a UV disinfection system for installation in commercial air handling units. The all-in-one design allows for rapid installation on the factory floor with reduced cabling requirements.

The COILCARE-OEM is designed for seamless factory-mounting in commercial and industrial air handling units.

The fixtures and lamps are available in sizes between 18 to 64 inches to match coil disinfection projects of all sizes.

COILCARE-OEM is rack-mounted on standard DIN rail for simple installation and quick lamp replacement.

CoilCare CCX – DM

The CCX-DM is the easiest to install UVGI light system on the market.

CCX-DM features an advanced custom power supply with a lifetime warranty.

The CCX-DM is a perfect fit for any size AHU, FCU, or RTU.

CCX-DM’s high output UV system features an easy mounting system and quick connect that enables fast installation and quick lamp replacement.

Find out more about the benefits of automated coil cleaning.