HVAC Solutions

Automated, chemical free virus disinfection technologies

Chemical-free air and surface HVAC solutions for cleaning both residential and commercial enclosed spaces.

BSG CoilCare unit
HVAC Solutions

Commercial Air Disinfection

Everyone benefits from living and working in a pleasant, virus and bacteria-free space.

BSG offers chemical-free air and surface HVAC solutions for cleaning both residential and commercial enclosed spaces.

  • Lower heating and cooling costs by upto 24%
  • Automated 24/7 chemical free virus, germs and odour disinfection
  • Protect equipment and reduce expensive maintenance costs
  • Increase equipment life
  • Improved IAQ (indoor Air Quality)
  • Improve health and productivity by improving indoor air quality
The problem with modern buildings and the need to improve IAQ

Modern buildings are designed to conserve energy and keeping heat in, which can elevate levels of chemicals, odours and biological contaminants that are trapped inside the building.

HVAC systems act like the lungs for the building – moving air around the building and regulating the warming and cooling air. But if that air is contaminated or dirty then your air conditioning is accelerating the problem, spreading germs, bacteria and organic matter, that will cause issues with odour, asthma and allergy sufferers as well as clogging up the heating and cooling coils with dust and dirt making them run inefficiently.

BSG has the solution.


  • Designed to clean cooling coils, drain pans, and ventilation ductwork in commercial buildings
  • Save thousands of dollars per year and never clean your coils again
  • Surface disinfection 24/7
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Wired for quick plug-and-play
  • Simple to maintain
  • Easy to quote
BSG CoilCare unit


  • Airstream and surface disinfection
  • Commercial and industrial applications
  • Virus shield for homes and offices
  • Installed in the plenum or main body of ductwork, downstream of the air blower
  • Fits seamlessly into new AHUs and easily retrofit into existing HVAC systems
BSG Induct
Technology: The power of UVGI

How does BSG technology work?

Ultraviolet light, ozone, photoplasma, and negatively-charged ions exist in nature as powerful and effective disinfectants, perfectly designed to destroy odours, bacteria, viruses, mould, and mildew, and to break down unwanted chemicals and compounds.

UV light is powerful enough to penetrate the cell walls of microorganisms and shatter the DNA, making it impossible for them to grow and reproduce.

Technology solutions from BSG are used by millions to disinfect air and improve the quality of life in homes and businesses all over the world.

Is HVAC Right For You?

Where to Use HVAC Commercial

HVAC Commercial has a range of applications in the following environments




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