PR Air Purifier

Completely portable UV airborne virus protection

If you’re looking for a portable air purifier for your home or office then BSG PR is the perfect solution.

BSG PR air purification system.
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BSG PR Air Purifier

Elegant and Simple Hygiene and Odour Control

  • Easy to install Plug and Play UV Virus Shield protection
  • Use both as portable or fixed in position
  • Eliminates nasty odours and bacteria
  • A fully remote controlled system

A portable UV virus shield wherever you need it most. This UV and UV-Plasma solution is ideal for the home, office or commercial space, offering the same high level of protection you expect from a BSG product.

PR Kills Viruses Instantly: By the Numbers
  • 99.9% Reduces viruses in less than .44 seconds
  • 70% Removes bacteria from air and room surfaces

These lightweight, portable air and surface purifiers can neutralise any odour. The ideal cleaning companion, each is perfect for offices, homes, healthcare facilities, veterinarian’s offices, and hotel rooms.

Protect the people you care for by killing airborne and surface bacteria. Eliminate odours from cigar and cigarette smoke, biological pollutants, mould, and other toxic gases.

BSG PR product image showing how the unit works.
PR is your first line of defence

Benefits of PR Air Purifiers

Our mix of technologies provides the most effective way to disinfect the air and surfaces in your washrooms and other living spaces.

  • Improves indoor air quality & odour control
  • Fits homes and offices of any size
  • Easy to maintain, flexible to use
  • Quiet, continuous operation
BSG’s  solutions have been tested in a variety of clinical and real-world settings.
Understanding PR Air Purifier

How it works

UV light is powerful enough to penetrate the cell walls of bacteria and viruses, shattering their DNA, making it impossible for them to grow and reproduce. Negatively-charged ions attract and bind with contaminants in the air, weighing them down.

Plug-and-play PR channels air through an inner chamber, where it is bathed by ultraviolet light. Air does not need to pass through the BSG PR unit in order to be purified.

The UV light reacts naturally with the air, producing purifying plasma which destroys bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, mould, algae, and other harmful microorganisms.

Fresh, sanitised air is returned to the room.

Chemical-free air and surface disinfection is friendly to the environment, creates a pleasant experience, and promotes hygiene continuously, 24/7.

Certified Technology

To ensure the highest possible level of health and safety for our users, and to act as responsible stewards of the environmental, PR is independently CE certified to EN standards.

Where to use BSG PR

Where you should use BSG PR

BSG PR is a simple-to-use, portable air purification system that is perfect for small rooms around the home or office.  This portable air and surface purifier can neutralise nasty odours like these.

Hotel rooms

Small offices

Residential rooms

Changing rooms

Keep your home or workspace free from air pollution with BSG PR!