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Automated, chemical-free disinfection of cooling coils in a handy box

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Become a Distributor

Find out how BSG solutions can benefit you and your customers by providing automated, chemical-free disinfection.

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Our innovative CIP System for cleaning ice machines

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UV solutions that make a difference to people the world over

We are designers and manufacturers of ground breaking ultraviolet light technology for commercial and industrial applications. We create systems that disinfect, sanitise, remove unwanted odours and even offer preventative maintenance needs on a range of every day systems such as HVAC, Ice Machines and more.


Join our network of distributors selling BGS products all over the world safe in the knowledge that our produce meet regional & national safety standards.


Integrate solutions from BSG directly into your product, and benefit from the power of our UV disinfection technology. BSG work closely with many different market sectors around the globe, collaborating on projects within ice, refrigeration, HVAC, air care and kitchen cooker hood extraction. Our technical team will work closely with client engineers to deliver the very best results.


Innovative UV products

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A note from our CEO…

“BSG use UVC technology which is 100% organic, when used properly, is chemical free, can kill odours, viruses and even break apart grease. I am incredibly proud of what we do to contribute to society by way of enabling power hungry HVAC systems that get clogged up with dust, pathogens, and other organic debris, to save over 20% of their energy usage. Over the years BSG has extended the range of applications to focus on the well-being of people, using UVC in ice machines deters the growth of slime securing safer ice production. Within the kitchen, our products help reduce the risk of fire as they reduce the grease build up in extraction hoods and within the work environment and washrooms, our products remove odours and improve the indoor air quality. BSG is ideally positioned to focus on Safety, Air, Ice and Energy benefits with a wide range of industry sectors.”

– Ian Cliffe

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